Devenv 1.0: Rewrite in Rust


It’s finally out folks!

There are lot of changes, please read the full post:



Big congratulations Domen. That’s a big push forward again !

What about changes when using Devenv with flakes ?

According flakes docs it still requires --impure flag. Is it just docs not being fully up-to-date ?

Are there any other flakes related changes ?

Thank you.

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One more question. Where can I find up-to-date list of extra patches applied to nixpkgs-devenv ?

README file mentions only two of them while " * libpsl: split outputs" is already merged to nixpkgs.

Congratulations, Domen.

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The templates show some of the changes:

As for --impure just give it a try and check if it complains :slight_smile:
I personally have only tested with impure because I forgot to update the .envrc on my projects.

Congratulations Domen - I love your work (along with the other contributors - @mightyiam has done big things here it seems - thank you!). I am amazed at how much you have managed to do in this major release.

I am looking forward to doing the update and diving into it more.

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Read the change log!

Congratulations Domen! Massive release.

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The flake bits still require --impure until Fine-grained impurity · Issue #8865 · NixOS/nix · GitHub is implemented.

All the changes apply to flakes, except for all the CLI improvements.

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Now that 1.0 is out I can work slowly on upstreaming all those changes and updating the README, also need to automate bumping the upstream nixpkgs.


I’ve released 1.0.1 with some hot fixes, mostly to ease transition and bugs folks found while testing!


I’ve done some work today to make up to date list of the upcoming bump-rolling and CI automation to run all the tests, see the updates README : GitHub - cachix/devenv-nixpkgs: Tested nixpkgs pins that work with devenv


1.0.2 is out!


1.0.3 is out :partying_face:


1.0.4 is out.