Devenv: how to deploy in to container

Hi @domenkozar ,
I am posting this question here, because more people might be interested.

What is devenv’s approach for production packaging of some product built using devenv in to the container image ?

Let say I have a Python app which I want to run in OCI container with the exactly same dependencies including Python itself.

Thank you.

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That would be the implementation of ``devenv build-image`` · Issue #5 · cachix/devenv · GitHub - something I plan to work as soon as there are more users that would like to use it as a container.

If you define more than one process, would you expect each process to be a separate image?

Sorry, what I want is deployment of my product which I develop with devenv.

For example, I develop some Python web app which runs on top of PostgreSQL DB. In devenv, I have PostgreSQL DB running as process to support my development, but my question is how to package my Python web app (not my app dependencies configured as processes) for production.

I am quite fascinated by container building tools in Nix, but I don’t think they are currently digestible for non Nixers (especially for production deployments). So I was more thinking about building some Alpine based Dockerfile with Nix and my Python app deps installed.

See the announcement of devenv 0.6 that allows you to generate containers

Thanks @domenkozar , I am already playing with that :).

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