Devenv pre 1.0 call for testing

Hey everyone,

We’ve done a complete rewrite of devenv CLI and redesigned some internalities based on your feedback.

I’d like everyone that either wasn’t happy before or that is using it now, to upgrade to 1.0 and test it out.



  • You’ll have to run devenv update and devenv.lock will only be compatible with 1.0 and newer.

  • Python native system libraries is currently broken, but once we fix this we believe it will work much better than it used to.



Great work !

I already documented few small bugs in the PR #745 .

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Hi @domenkozar, what are the reasons that Devenv uses patched Nix version? Is it going to stay like that for long?

When do you plan to merge python rewrite PR? Currently, I can’t see too much activity in this PR.

Thank you.

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