Devops @ Novadiscovery (Lyon, France)

Novadiscovery keeps growing (~80 people) and so does our need for nix-capable folks. We develop a Saas offer to run virtual clinical trials and we are looking for a DevOps Engineer to lead Nix integration on our Production CI, developer environments and workstations.

Our team is composed of Nix/DevOps experts, developers, biologists, data scientists and applied math engineers.

We have a Haskell+TypeScript backend and already use Bazel/Nix for some of our builds and developer environments. We would like to extend our usage of Nix to tackle DevOps scenarii, desktop provisioning and so on.

offer at Novadiscovery - Job offers

NOTE: Employees are expected to come regularly to the Lyon office (most people come 2/3 days a week, the least present people come 2 days every month).

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