DevOps position @ decentriq (Zurich, Berlin, Remote)

Hello everyone,

Our SaaS platform enables trustless data collaboration between organizations. Will you be part of our mission?

You will be working with technologies such as nix/NixOS, Nomad, Consul, Terraform, qemu/qboot and containers, Github Actions, Rust, TypeScript, Python, gRPC …

Our development and deployment flow heavily use nix/NixOS. Nix is used as a development shell, several NixOS modules to build our reproducible VM kernel/initramfs and container images, a modified version of naersk for reproducible Rust releases, nix-ops to declaratively create Consul/Nomad configurations and to finally deploy to our cloud and on-prem infrastructure.

Find more details here: Decentriq (Remote): Senior Software Engineer, DevOps Infrastructure

We look forward to receiving your application!


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