Different behaviour about hidpi (set scale to 2x) in different Desktop environment

I have a hidpi PC (14 inch and 3120x2080), I set scale to 2x in every desktop environments. And it looks in some desktop environments, some software will not be scale 2x.

Such as fcitx is an IME, the following screenshot is in KDE:

However, in lxqt and xfce, it is:

the kde’s 你好 is scaled 2x so it has same width as nihao.
the lxqt and xfce’s 你好 is not scaled 2x so it has the half width of nihao.

Similar behaviour occurs in wezterm, a terminal emulator. when I set same font, kde’s wezterm’s charaters’ size is normal, lxqt and xfce’s wezterm’s charaters’ sizes are just half of kde’s size.

So, is it a bug of lxqt and xfce?

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