Different quotes for TOML generate function

I’m trying to generate the following config for yazi:

on  = [ "<C-n>" ]
run = '''
	shell 'dragon -x -i -T "$1"' --confirm

Unfortunately the following nix code:

        keymap = {
          manager.prepend_keymap = [
              run = ''shell 'dragon -x -i -T "$1"' --confirm"'';
              on = ["<C-d>"];


on = ["<C-d>"]
run = "shell 'dragon -x -i -T \"$1\"' --confirm\"\n"

How could I make sure that the toml generate function from nix let me use the ''' notation instead of defaulting to double quotes?

Remarshal (tool used to convert nix generated JSON to TOML), doesn’t seem to have such functionality.

Sorry my ignorance on the subject, what is wrong with generated TOML other than ugliness?
The trailing quote is in your nix config.