Difficulty launching game installation in Lutris with Wine/Proton

Hey everyone,

I’m facing some challenges while trying to launch game installations in Lutris using both Wine and Proton, and I’m seeking your assistance to resolve this issue.

Problem description: When I use the Wine version of Lutris, I can create a prefix without any apparent errors. However, I cannot open any programs, not even the ones that come bundled with Wine. On the other hand, when I switch to the Proton version of Wine, I encounter difficulties in creating a prefix altogether. Unfortunately, upon inspecting the Wine logs within Lutris, I haven’t been able to find any error messages that could shed light on the problem.

System Information: Before diving into troubleshooting, I’d like to share some relevant information about my system:

  • Operating System: NixOS 23.11pre505967.5df4d78d54f (Tapir) x86_64
  • Lutris Version: 0.5.13
  • Wine Version: Wine8.0.1
  • Proton Version: lutris-GE-proton8-10-x86-64

What I’ve Tried: To resolve the issue, I have attempted the following steps without success:

  • Reinstalling Lutris and Wine/Proton.
  • Clearing Lutris cache and trying again.
  • Ensuring that all dependencies are properly installed.

Request for Assistance: I’m reaching out to the community for any insights or potential solutions to overcome this problem. If anyone has encountered a similar issue or has suggestions on how to troubleshoot further, I would greatly appreciate your input.

Additional Logs: If necessary, I can provide any specific logs or configurations you may require for a more detailed analysis of the problem.

Thank you in advance for your time and support. I’m looking forward to your suggestions and guidance on how to resolve this perplexing issue.

Best regards,

What difficulties do you encounter?

What hardware are you running on? Are you using wayland?

Can you share the error-free wine logs?

What about dmesg, journalctl --boot -t xsession?