Digikam crashing on right-click after upgrade

Don’t know if it’s related to upgrading my system to 23.11 or not; I’ve always been using unstable for my applications. However, now when I right-click in digikam to bring up the context menu, the program used 100% CPU for over 15 minutes, before crashing with an allocation error.

Anyone else seeing this? I’m not sure how to resolve it–haven’t seen any similar reports here or on the digikam list. I’ve tried removing my digikam configuration and database files, but the problem returns.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

It works for me in 23.11.2082.d02ffbbe834b but I can reproduce this by running from 24.05pre561409.54aac082a4d9. After right-clicking, digiKam’s CPU usage maxes out and its memory usage grows apparently without bound, with nothing new logged to stdout/stderr.

Thanks. How can I tell which version I am running?

I went back to my previous update, and it is working again. No idea how to help track this down so someone can fix it.

I’m not sure how to properly debug this but I recently learned about Sysprof which lends some insight with little additional effort. The freeze when right-clicking to open the context menu:

And a similar freeze when clicking Item → Open With Default Application:

Both look related to reading file type associations, like the problem might be occurring around DServiceMenu::servicesForOpenWith.

I’ve been using this to see the exact version of a channel:

$ nix-instantiate --eval --expr '(import <nixpkgs> { }).lib.trivial.version'
$ nix-instantiate --eval --expr '(import <unstable> { }).lib.trivial.version'