Disabling badges


Is there any way to git rid of this annoying badges system in Discourse?

Discourse tells me…
“You’ve used a quote! Congratulations!”
“Hey, you’re actually able to use an emoji!”
“Someone liked your post!”

Can we just assume that I am able to get around without constantly being told by a software that I used something for the first time or someone else clicking on the like button?
I’m not a child anymore.



Looks like badges could only be disabled globally in Admin / Settings / Basic setup / Enable the badge system


After you’ve been using the forum for a few weeks, the badge volume goes way down. The badge system is useful because it teaches people about Discourse. I am strongly against turning it off for all users.


make me think of



How? Doesn’t it just tell you about things you’ve already done?


You are supposed to want to get more badges, hence you’ll have to look up how to get them.

Best guess.


You do not only receive badges for things you do. You also receive badges for things other people do. For example, you get one the first time someone likes a post of yours.


That’s even more annoying.


Yea frankly, as someone new to Discourse, I don’t need my hand held. It’s pretty straightforward. I had a pretty good idea what the heart button did before I got a notification that Tmplt liked my comment :stuck_out_tongue:


My guess is that the main motivation for badges is to increase engagement, but it doesn’t work for everyone, of course. (Games tend to use “achievement” systems a lot, I think.)


Usually I disagree with that anti-expert sentiment that could be stated as, “If you are experienced enough to be annoyed, your opinion is wrong.” It makes my blood boil. :slight_smile: However, in this case, I really think the badges are more helpful than harmful. They confirm, even for the experts, that Discourse does some basic, useful things. And they can be genuinely useful for people who are brand-new to online discourse – people who might end up being valuable members of the community.

For the rest of us who already know the basic norms, the badges go away quickly. I know from, well, experience: I’ve recently joined three separate Discourse forums. I am continually blown away at how much participation Discourse fosters for the communities in question (compared to Mailman or the like). I appreciate that extra participation, so I am willing to put up with the short “lesson” I get each time.


Now that I’m on 3 Discourse boards, I do wish there were a way to say “hey, I know how this all works.” Like a cheat code or something that the @discobot would tell you when you’ve finished tutorials, for instance.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.