Discourse signs up for email notificationspam by default

Apparently I have missed some setting on account creation and got [NixOS Discourse] Summary email with This summary is sent from [NixOS Discourse][1] when we haven't seen you in a while. Change [your email settings][17], or [click here][18] to unsubscribe. justification.

Is it really a good idea to opt-in people by default? (I unsubscribed, hopefully it will work)

I would be fine with notification specifically about my thread.

I got now next useless spam “You’re a New User of the Month!”

This time I marked it as spam with hope that it will be marked as spam also for other users spammed by misconfigured Discourse.

This time I used also “Don’t send me any mail from NixOS Discourse” hopefully that actually works. It will probably disable actually useful notifications about threads, but that is an acceptable loss.