Disko live usb config

I’m trying to make somewhat of a more-or-less universal live usb with nixos, using disko to manage partitioning and to create the final image.
However I’m stuck with 2 main problems:

  1. how to identify usb stick in disko config so that it works on every system it’s plugged into? or disko.devices.disk.<name>.device is only used at image creation time on the host and ignored on live system?
  2. how to pack in multiple hardware hacks for different possible processors on which this live usb might run?

let’s say for now that arch is fixed at x86_64 not to add extra complexity to the question.

ok, it seems that disko.devices.disk.<name>.device is ignored and overriden when image is created with disko-install, so that is good

but the 2. question remains: is there a way to enable different configurations (like for intel/nvidia graphics and vapi) at runtime, maybe somewhere during boot?