Diving Into NixOS blog series

Hello Nix community! I’ve been happily using NixOS :nix_parrot: for about a year now and felt compelled to write about my positive experiences with it. Wanted to share the blog series here for others to read as I thought it may be helpful!

Any feedback is very welcome and much appreciated. :smile:


I would only be using Windows sparsely for some light gaming (think Subset Game’s FTL), and perhaps a touch of Photoshop, etc. so I didn’t need too much space there.

It’s probably only an example but FTL runs natively on Linux. Many other light games runs well to with Steam (and proton), see https://www.protondb.com.

Yeah that’s true - tbh I’m hardly using my Windows partition now. :sweat_smile: Should probably consider getting rid of it at some point, although it’s handy for me to receive BIOS updates.

I’m not sure if it’s the same with the 9370 but with my XPS13 (9343) I just put the bios update file from Linux in the boot partition if I remember correctly. But maybe you are using a Windows tool with notifications of new updates and an easy “apply this bios” feature.

Pretty much! :+1:

Didn’t know you could do that - thanks! Will have to revise my set-up at some point when free time is more abundant.