Do you use NixOS on Kimsufi KS-[9,11,12]?

We are trying to boot NixOS 21.05 on a Kimsufi KS-11 machine but once installed, it fails to boot: no ping.
Moreover, after an boot attempt, from a rescue system, the NixOS filesystem doesn’t contain any logs: it seems the kernel didn’t start.

Note we have NixOS on some other Kimsufi machine (KS-1, KS-2), so we have already have a working NixOS installation procedure on some Kimsufi machines.

Since it’s not possible to use a KVM, it’s pretty hard to troubleshoot without any output :confused:

So, I’m wondering if someone is using NixOS on this kind of machine (KS-11, KS-9 or KS-12)?

Do you know which boot schemes the server supports, or is expected to use? That may be the issue. E.g. trying to do legacy boot on UEFI or vice-versa.

Boot their provided system (non-rescue) and check for clues for or against either legacy boot or UEFI.

That would be my first guess.

Thanks for your answer.

After more investigations, it seems to be related to a RAID configuration and not related to NixOS itself!

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