Docker image produced by dockerTools.buildImage not bit identical

I wrote a Nix recipe for building a package that produces a docker image. It packages together Postgres, a Parquet foreign data wrapper module for Postgres, some sql script that runs on Postgres, gcloud cli tools and some bash entrypoint code glueing it all together producing a docker image. I built this recipe on two different machines, one a fedora 6.4.7 VMWare guest and another a VM on GCP running Debian 12, both x86_64. The nix store path hash of both builds are identical but the sha256sum is different for the docker image. The Parquet foreign data wrapper artifact OTOH had the same hash. Is this a known limitation of docker tools or is this not expected? I can share the recipe if needed. Thanks.

Is either the tag, name or the created date( seen with ’docker images’)different? Do both machines follow the same nix channel/nixpkgs revision?

Thanks for pointing me to that direction. After fiddling a little bit, I was able to find the difference with the tool dive. I am attaching the screenshot of the two images highlighting the difference, which seems like the debian generated image’s postgresql-14.8 has the man page folder but the fedora generated one does not.

It is the same clean repo and same values of flake.lock file etc. I am unclear why this might happen.