Dockerized Firefox with Podman

Trying to get a docker image of Firefox up and running and found that I should be using Podman?

This seems to start, but not able to VNC into it. Just get Permission Denied.

  virtualisation = {
    podman = {
      enable = true;
      dockerCompat = true;
    oci-containers = {
      backend = "podman";

      containers.firehird = {
        image = "";
        autoStart = false;
        ports = [ "3000:3000" ];
        environment = {
          TZ = "Europe/Oslo";
          PUID = "1000";
          PGID = "1000";
        volumes = [ "/home/b0ef/.pkg/docker-conf1:/config:rw" ];

I’m interested why you want to run firefox in docker?

Whats the plan, stan?

I want a containerized browser and the Multi Account Container for Firefox doesn’t cut it; I need to be able to script it. Unless there’s other options, I’m not sure what I can do?

depends on what you feel containers actually do.

They are essentially just processes in high level nutshell.

Add a new unix user, lock that user down using unix primitives. Write your custom derivation for firefox, add it to that user profile.

It’s quite possible to use use process accounting, to keep an eye on what it’s doing too.

for scripting , you might be able to use nixos tests to do that believe it or not.

nixos will spawn a VM for you, make your Firefox derivation and run it. On my machine it’s quick.

the python driver you’ll be able to script it.

give it a try, you may like it, however you may not.

if you need more power than nixos tests give you, then bring your tool into the VM too. :-).

is pretty full featured.

If you do something, than perhaps you can improve nixos firefox tests too, and make a pull request on the git hub.

no podman, no docker. just a full integration test, using as close to bare metal as you can be, using abstractions that are pretty standard.

Happy XMas.

Sounds great, but how do I run it?

Running nix-build chromium.nix just fails

you don’t really give me much to go on, but if i want to build it then…

git clone
cd nixpkgs
nix-build -A chromium

or you can do
git clone
cd nixpkgs/pkgs/applications/networking/browsers/chromium
nix-build -E "with import <nixpkgs> {}; callPackage ./default.nix {}"

which the callPackage abstraction…

this may help you, then again, it may not.