Does someone run Nextcloud+OnlyOffice?

Hi, I tried to run OnlyOffice server next to my Nextcloud to provide document edition.
I didn’t find how to connect them.
OnlyOffice’s healthcheck is fine though.
Does someone have a vallid configuration to share?

Yes we do, you can have a look here: modules/nextcloud.nix · master · markas / infrastructure · GitLab

Thanks! Actually it’s not what I’m looking for. You’re running a Collabora instance with Docker,
and I’m looking for a OnlyOffice running on NixOS directly with services.onlyoffice.enable.

Whops sorry, I always forget which is who between collabora / onlyoffice…

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@Mic92, I saw in your Github repo you seem to use nextcloud+onlyoffice :smile:
Did you have any trouble connecting OnlyOffice and Nextcloud?
Do you remember how you did it?
If you have any time to answer, thanks a lot in advance!

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I’m using OnlyOffice Documentserver like this with Caddy Onlyoffice-Documentserver - NixOS Wiki
Works really good :slight_smile: