Does something like nixos-help exist for the Nix or Nixpkgs manuals?

NixOS has a handy tool nixos-help that opens the NixOS manual in w3m. Does it have any equivalent for opening the Nix or Nixpkgs manuals, or do I continue to need to open my web browser to e.g. when I need to look something up?


The nixpkgs documentation is build by this expression (fun fact: the link can be found within the nixpkgs documentation).
Just add a few lines of bash script to add a browser shortcut (or just copy the one from nixos-help).


An alternative way of building the nixpkgs manual is:

nix build -f '<nixos/nixos/release-combined.nix>' nixpkgs.manual

and nix manual:

nix build -f '<nixos>' nix.doc # the output is in ./result-doc/ in this case

(the first nixos words are the name of channel from which to build)

I think it should be easy to e.g. add these to systemPackages and/or wrap with a command like nixos-help, though perhaps we could make such things even easier.