Dolphin won't browse network shares


I’m new to NixOS, but not to Linux - Linux-only for already ~10 years at home.
Today installed NixOS 20.3 KDE Plasma as a VM in KVM+QEMU and I’m unable to make Dolphin browse local network for Windows (SMB) shares. I get this error (simplified translation from the local language):

“No workgroups were found in local network. Browsing can be blocked by the firewall”

Can anyone point me to some sort of check list on what needs to be enabled to get Samba share browsing working ?


This is most likely because of the VM setup — unless you’ve specifically configured it to bridge the VM into your LAN directly, it won’t be able to talk to the LAN because your computer is putting it in a virtual network with NAT to your real LAN. This means LAN discovery things won’t work in the VM. One way to solve this, if your computer is connected via wired ethernet, would be to create a bridge on your host, put the LAN interface into the bridge and make the VM create a veth interface which is also placed on the bridge. That way, your VM will communicate with your LAN directly and the browsing should work.

Though maybe the easier option is installing NixOS directly on hardware :wink: