Dutch railroad wifi ("WiFi in de trein") does not work with nixos

The Dutch railroads provide free WiFi in intercity trains.

Unfortunately, their DNS proxy has a bug that causes it to always respond with “no results” when it sees a query that uses the DNS extension mechanism.

NixOS by default uses the DNS extension mechanism, so if you want to sue “WiFi in de Trein” you need to set:

networking.resolvconf.dnsExtensionMechanism = false

Oh, that’s good to know. I had no issue with wifi on ICE trains on y trip to NixCon, I guess they are different from intercity trains ?

does captive-browser work there?

It may be just a bug but that’s essentially asking for DNS spoofing, given you’re also turning off DNSSEC. I’d setup DNSCrypt if I were you.

They are. ICEs are Deutsche Bahn (they all go through Germany), so everything will be different.

Yeah or perhaps a full VPN might be even better…

I’ll try it next time I travel by train - though IIRC they fail to respond to eDNS queries even after you’ve successfully logged into their terms-and-conditions page, so it wouldn’t help much I guess?

[aengelen@rigter:~]$ captive-browser
2019/11/21 07:33:24 Failed to read config: open /home/aengelen/.config/captive-browser.toml: no such file or directory

[aengelen@rigter:~]$ touch .config/captive-browser.toml

[aengelen@rigter:~]$ captive-browser
2019/11/21 07:33:54 Obtaining DHCP DNS server...
2019/11/21 07:33:54 IPs not found in dhcp-dns output.


Do I have to configure something? (it behaves the same on ‘regular’ wifi)

It should just work
Probably some cases are not covered here:

I have config.networking.networkmanager.enable and nmcli dev show | fgrep IP4.DNS does show a result. I haven’t explicitly set cfg.interface AFAICS.

I haven’t explicitly set cfg.interface AFAICS

Ah, yes. It is to be configured

After setting programs.captive-browser.enable = true; and programs.captive-browser.interface = "wlp59s0"; indeed I can use that to browse without disabling dnsExtensionMechanism (and without even accepting the terms and conditions) - which seems impressive.

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