Edit etc file in store

Hi there :slight_smile:

I am confused about how to edit a configuration file, that is located at


So far as I understand, is each program in Nix located at such a place, to isolate it from the rest of the system.

Am I supposed to edit this file in place?

As it is set to read only, and Kate does not prompt me to enter my password when editing. (As it does with the configuration.nix)

It does show an error, that indicates that this file is not supposed to be edited.
This is the app in question.

This is a generated file. Like everything else in NixOS, you’re not supposed to edit this file, you’re supposed to declare your preferences so that the file can be generated accordingly.

The module you linked looks like it’s supposed to be used with overrides, so you can change the lists in the white and black lists - it supplies some defaults if you don’t override them with your own.

Have a look at https://nixos-and-flakes.thiscute.world/nixpkgs/overriding for how to use overrides, and I suggest reading the whole thing.


OK, I was wondering that there was only one file of this name on my system, so I questioned how I would supply this one.

I will read that, and come back, if I fail at something.
Thanks a lot