Editorconfig mode doesn't change the source, now what?


I wanted to add a new package using this merge request. But 2 checks failed, one of them being that I don’t use editorconfig.

So I followed the advice for my editor - emacs - and installed it as package from melpa, which went w/o any errors.

Then I opened the default.nix file of the package. Nothing happened. I manually executed editorconfig-apply, which produced no errors but also didn’t change the file.

And really, if I look at the file, it looks good to me:

  • 2 chars indent: yes
  • final newline at EOF: yes
  • not using TABs: yes
  • UTF8: well, there’s only ASCII content in the file

So, what do I need to do to make this check happy?

Thanks in advance,

A trailing whitespace sneaked into your commit:

You can run the check locally from the root of your Nixpkgs-Repo:

nix run github:NixOS/nixpkgs?rev=c473cc8714710179df205b153f4e9fa007107ff9#editorconfig-checker -- -disable-indent-size pkgs/tools/admin/metal-stack-metalctl/default.nix pkgs/top-level/all-packages.nix
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oops, that’s nasty. Thanks for finding!