Element-desktop: search not working

I am unable to perform searches in encrypted rooms with element-desktop. When I try, I get the following message:

Message search initialisation failed, check your settings for more information

And in the settings, I get this:

Error opening the database: SqlCipherError(“Sqlcipher support is missing”)

Have I got it configured wrong? Or is this a bug in the package? Should I file an issue on GitHub?

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yes, probably be useful to have it on the tracker, at a wild guess it will be that this needs to be compiled in as a option. Sounds like a pretty crucial function… so it should be a default.

From what I recall getting encrypted search working on NixOS was a nightmare for the person who managed to solve it…

Anyways, some possibly relevant upstream issues:

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The workaround from the seshat issue above does work for me: LD_PRELOAD=/nix/store/9w7j6xxlfzawixh7gh00wr0b766gkz04-sqlcipher-4.5.0/lib/libsqlcipher.so element-desktop

Opened a PR: element-desktop: fix "Sqlcipher support is missing" by austinbutler · Pull Request #153279 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub


Wow, that was epic! I only just found the time to look back in and there’s already a PR ready. Thanks so much!


I can safely say Nix/OS is epic.

Tell your friends (real and virual) , tweet successes, get engineers at companies interested. Nix, break things, but we can fix things quickly with reduced side effects and regressions (AND build from source if needed).

We need more engineers to join the rebel alliance.

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