Elixir packaging for nixpkgs

I am looking to package Linkhut which is an elixir/phoenix application using mix. I was wondering if there are any existing packages I can use as examples/best way to approach this. I saw there are a variety of mix2nix style approaches but I am not sure if they are suitable for nixpkgs or which one I might use.

I know nothing about elixir, but pleroma is an elixir application packaged in nixpkgs, you may check it out.

There is also the ongoing effort to package Mobilizon, a web application
with an Elixir backend: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/119132

I have packaged my (relatively simple) phoenix application

It is heavily inspired by how
is packaged, which is already mentioned here.

I’m also looking for help with this at Packaging claperco/claper software

Thanks for all the examples! Gonna take a shot at packaging linkhut once thanksgiving is over.

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