Employing QEMU for running docker images of different architecture

I am currently Nixos VM (aarch64-linux) on M1 Mackbook. My intention is to use QEMU in order to run docker images that are of different architecture (ex. x86 x64 ,etc)
At present I am using the following package to run images of different architecture which is working well: GitHub - tonistiigi/binfmt: Cross-platform emulator collection distributed with Docker images. which inserts various architectures into the binfmt_miscmodule of the linux kernel.

However, Im looking for a way to use the nix provided variables for reproducability (i.e boot.binfmt.emulatedSystems = [ “x86_64-linux” ]

Will be interested to know how I can achieve the same using built in qemu features in nix. Will be awesome if you have any guides/tutorial/documentation for it.