Entire system freeze/hang on random frequent occasions, apparently 100% CPU and disk usage

Hey all, I’ve recently installed NixOS on my machine, and very frequently my CPU usage ramps up to 100% and apparently the disk usage too (judging from the LED in my PC case going to max power), and openbox becomes unresponsive, sometimes I can’t even change to another tty and if I get to switch, I am met with a blinking cursor until I forcefully restart my PC. I was just able to get a dmesg output from a tty while this was happening, as my system had at least a last breath to spare
The Started Getty lines are when I was already freezing.
I think there’s a connection somehow with web-based apps, like Librewolf and ArmCord (electron), but I’m not too sure.
I’d really appreciate any small bit of info that could help me troubleshoot this, I think I had this happening one or two years ago in Arch, but I’m not sure if that’s related.

I reckon then it would be more helpful to see the messages before that.

Another thing that comes to mind, you don’t have auto-updates activated?
They shouldn’t hang forever but they surely take a lot of power.

This might help you to show more kernel information from the previous boot. Be aware that on my system the command journalctl --list-boots wasn’t interactive.

So journalctl -b-1 should show the output of your previous boot.

Hey, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been out on vacations.
I tried looking at the lines prior to the getty, but there’s nothing that seems interesting. I have auto-updates activated, but they weren’t running at the time of the freezes.
Next time I freeze, I’ll make sure to run the command, thanks!