Entry to mid-level Web, Mobile & Rust Engineers

I’m working for a very small software agency/startup in Germany and we’re looking to hire Web, Mobile & Rust Engineers. We use Nix for basically every project to varying degrees from development environments to CI/CD.

We want to expand our team for upcoming projects (& one in-house project) and are looking for entry to mid-level engineers, but might also consider more senior applicants if it’s a good fit.

Our core tech stack consists of:
Rust, TypeScript, React, (C#), gRPC, MongoDB, Kubernetes, Terraform, Nix, GCP, GitLab CI

Most of our upcoming projects are mainly frontend apps, e.g. for web, mobile or multiplatform (likely Flutter or Compose Multiplatform). On the long term there will be opportunities for both frontend & backend work. Experience and/or interest in full-stack development and intersecting disciplines like DevOps & Cloud Engineering is definitely a benefit.

We’re currently working on our website, so right now I can only share our LinkedIn profile: upsquared GmbH | LinkedIn

If you are interested and want to know a bit more, feel free to just send me a message here or on LinkedIn.


5 years experience in java selenium,manual,mobile, non-functional testing.Is there any chance of getting selected.Residing in India.Wish for a remote job.