Epson Inkjet printer: proprietary driver package development

Dear All,

Before I fully immerse to studies of Nix package development, I would like to ask whether anyone has written a package for a proprietary CUPS driver of Epson Inkjet printers. There is an open-source variant of that called “epson-escpr” but this does not support duplex printing. Epson still offers a download of rpm and deb packages for my specific printer - Epson Stylus SX525WS - from the company website and it is, despite its age, still compatible with new Linux distributions.
A potential new development would include installation of binary closed libraries, which will be quite difficult for newbies like me.
I would appreciate any kind of help.

Best regards


It looks like yes, there has been some work on epson drivers:

$ git grep -i -l epson -- pkgs/misc/drivers/

I had a need to get an Epson Stylus Photo R3000 to run, and successfully packaged the binary driver, based on a bwrap fhs env.

I may upstream that package later, but in the meantime here is the module for reference