Error during stage 1: can't mount /mnt-root

Hello again,

My painfull journey into the asahi linux land still continues.
I was finally able to fully build my configuration. And now everything is broken, NixOS can’t even pass stage 1.
It fails mounting /dev/disk/by-uuid/{some-uuid} with a ‘no such file or directory’ error. It makes me think that my configuration has not registered the correct uuid for my root partition.
How is this even possible ? Is there an option I may have changed that can modify that ?

I am able to boot the installation usb stick to access a shell, is it possible to fix that from the installer without rebuilding everything from scratch ? (it tooks me almost a full day to build everything…)

Again, thank’s for the help,

Okay nevermind, I got it to work!
The trick is to boot on the install stick, then mount manually the root partition and the efi partition, then nixos-enter to modify the hardware-configuration.nix that contains the uuid of the disks to give it the correct uuids. Then rebuild and reboot.

No clue why the uuids where incorrect though, maybe it’s a leftover from a previous installation I erased.