Error: Getting status of '...-source/home/...': No such file or directory

Hello everyone. I recently tried to make Hyprland work on my system thous switching my homemanager-config to flakes and creating an additional user for testing. My config was based on an older version of Zaneyos. I got it to work with my three users and started refactoring my files a bit. I added users.nix for adding users without scrolling through configuration.nix and I switched the name of the wallpapers-directory from Wallpapers to wallpapers. After that nixos-rebuild switch showed this error:

getting status of '/nix/store/lnfp18dd2khw558nhz0v3f1qgpmxccd4-source/home/...': No such file or directory

I really don’t know what to do anymore. I renamed flake.nix, initialized a new one, deleted flake.lock and switched back to my old flake.nix without any success. I also did a simple flake update and I also switched the nixpkgs repo to unstable just to see if it changes anything (it does change the hash shown in the error-message).

Hopefully you can help me with that. The bugged config is “gited” here:

Thank you very much in advance!

EDIT: I only use git for showing you my files. It wasn’t used in any way, shape or form when the error occured!

OMG I found it! The path for the background image of user liri had a typo (…/config/).

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