Experiment on opinion gathering tool polis

Here is a link to the poll: https://pol.is/4uh6xvah6b

@JulienMalka posted a experiment on the governance zulip, and I’d be curious to see the general community opinions on it so I’m sharing it here as well. (zulip thread)


my previous interactions with pol.is showed a graph at the end, where i could see the dominant clustering of positions. each person’s typical interaction with the poll could be like: “read + answer all the statements, understand the layout of the community and its divisions, contribute a new statement which is likely to find broader consensus than any of the earlier answers.”

it didn’t show me anything about how others answered this time though. but without that it’s just an ordinary poll; we’re each just survey participants instead of actors in a collective consensus-seeking. is there some setting the poll creator has to toggle to enable the cluster view?

here’s an example of a poll where i can see the “opinion groups” view ( bottom of the page)

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oh actually here’s a poll with the opinion group view enabled which is also from the zulip: Diversity in Assembly Selection.

try clicking “majority”, group “A” and group “B” for example (i think the group A/B views are maybe not so useful when there’s only 5 or so responses).

@colinsane I have purposefully disabled the visualization at the end on the fear it might be use to game the system, and will post the full report soon. I didn’t think the visualization was useful to iteratively post statements that could find consensus, it’s interesting, thanks!