Exploring the Possibility of NixCon North America

A survey would be excellent.

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Interested in helping

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Very into this idea – I would be interested in helping out if needed.

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that is a stroke of genius

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I will definitely go. Despite being in Seattle, I’d recommend a smaller city like St. Louis, MO (where Strange Loop has been for the past 10+ years). It’s centrally located and is a lot cheaper than coastal cities.


Some of the good things (IMHO) about Darmstadt as a venue was that it allowed people to freely walk around the city at night and it’s a fairly small place so it was easy to meet up with other conference participants.

Mexico City - not so much.


yes, there is significant danger leaving your house…

will you becoming to nixcon america personally?

Personally i can’t wait… it’s gonna be awesome.

It depends on the neighborhood, in a city with 22M people, there are many safe parts of the city.

There are many conferences organized there, so there’s a track record.

Will be happy to help , live in USA , Houston / woodlands area

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Awesome news.

As unoriginal as it sounds I would love to see it happen in Silicon Valley/ San Francisco where I think would have the largest attendance and selfishly local to me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If it does end up being in the Bay Area, I would be delighted to volunteer and help with all aspects of organizing.

If not in Bay Area let me know if I can help remotely or at least help spread the word.

Do you know any cheap conference places , and cheap and high quality accommodations?

My spider sense thinks san diego might be a better fit… .

it’s only a Amtrak ride away.

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We have a survey up at: NixCon North America 2023
Please respond and share in other mediums to get more community input.


Not sure this will be as useful as expected for locations, since “Canada” is uh, quite a wide country; thinking about the “Where would you like [it]” question…

People in the eastern parts of North America may be fine with the more Eastward provinces, and similarly, in the western parts of North America, with the Western provinces. And in the same idea, even people in Canada may not be thrilled with the idea of a trip from (almost) one end to the other.

It’s quite the shed I’m building for painting, but countries vs. geography should have been two discrete question/answer sets, I think.

Similarly, the other questions require selecting a country and geography, meanwhile I believe many would be just fine selecting “North West”, “South East”, etc…

I believe that without extrapolating from the results, it may end-up skewing results in a way where I wouldn’t be confident in relying on them :/.

I’m also seeing it might lack proper representation of out-of-north-america intentions. The question for state/province/territory might allow others to answer in a useful manner, but it’s hard to say.

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On the distance question: 500 miles is practically nothing in North America. Plus, Americans often measure trips in units of time, not distance.

Options that might better capture willingness to travel:

  • I would drive 0-2 hours.
  • I would drive 3-5 hours.
  • I would drive 6+ hours.
  • I would fly 1-3 hours.
  • I would fly 4+ hours.

As an example, flying from San Diego to Quebec City would be at least a nine-hour trip, not including driving or airport time at each end. It would be a 3000+ mile drive. Even Gibraltar to Moscow is a shorter trip. North America is big.


I feel like there isn’t a good field in the survey to discriminate those who reside in Americas from those who do not, the closest being the free-form “Other” in “Which state/province/territory are you located in?”. I’d like to participate in the survey, but I wouldn’t want my answers to bias the statistics, and I imagine there might be more people from other parts of the world interested too?