Governance through "project leads" in NixCon 2024

Dear Nix community,

As we all know, NixCon is one of the most exciting events in our calendar. It’s a time for Nix enthusiasts, developers, and users from around the world to come together, share knowledge, and celebrate the Nix ecosystem. However, organizing such an event is a substantial undertaking, and we believe it’s time to kickstart the organization process for NixCon 2024 with a more structured approach.

To achieve this, we propose the creation of a “Bootstrap Project Lead” group. This group will play a vital role in shaping the organizational structure for the next NixCon and ensure its success. Here’s what we have in mind:

What is the “Bootstrap Project Lead” Group?

The Bootstrap Project Lead group will consist of dedicated individuals from our community who are passionate about Nix and have experience in organizing conferences or events. Their primary responsibility will be to kickstart the NixCon 2024 organizational process, set the foundation for future NixCons, and establish a more robust and sustainable organizational structure.

Key Responsibilities of the Group:

  • Early Planning: The group will begin preparations well in advance of the event, ensuring that we have a clear roadmap and timeline.

  • Venue Selection: They will research and propose suitable venues, taking into account factors such as accessibility, cost, and capacity.

  • Budgeting: The group will work on budget planning, fundraising, and sponsorship acquisition to ensure the financial sustainability of NixCon, in collaboration with the NixOS Foundation. The group will try to act in the community’s interest, including in which sponsorships it accepts.

  • Speaker Outreach: Securing engaging and diverse speakers is crucial. The Bootstrap Project Lead group will start the process early to attract top talent.

  • Community Engagement: They will foster community involvement, encouraging contributions and ideas from all members.

  • Documentation: Detailed documentation of the organizational process will be created, making it easier for future NixCon organizers.

  • Timeline: Establish a clear timeline with milestones for all organizational tasks.

In addition to all of that, this group will have the special responsibility to ensure the creation of the final “Project Lead” group with the feedback of the community.

As this group was formed without any formal process involving the community, we are only here to drive the bootstrapping efforts and we would be glad to pass on whoever decides to join us towards organizing NixCon but are also prepared to fulfill responsibilities if no one else steps in.

Why Do We Need This?

NixCon has grown significantly over the years, and with growth comes complexity. We want to ensure that organizing the event remains a collaborative effort while reducing the burden on a few individuals. By creating a dedicated Bootstrap Project Lead group, we aim to build a stronger foundation for NixCon’s future, making it easier for successive teams to take the reins. This should help clarify responsibilities and thus make it easier to distribute the workload between more people.

How Can You Get Involved?

If you’re passionate about Nix and have experience in event organization, we encourage you to express your interest in joining the Project Lead group.

For now, the bootstrap group is composed of:

Furthermore, @ron is joining the bootstrap group as an observer, representing the NixOS Foundation Board.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming announcement with details on how to get involved.
Additionally, we welcome your suggestions and feedback on this proposal.


I’m interested in being involved with the Project Leads group.

Sustainability, unblocking, diversity, systematic organization planning… What an excellent vision for the next 100 years of NixCon!

I’ve also expressed interest and will likely be involved in a not “NixCon” aka “NixCon North America.”

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