External display goes blank after booting to tty when laptop (Thinkpad X230) is docked

I have a Thinkpad X230 and I have had this issue since NixOS 22.11, even though now I have been on unstable since several months.

The laptop is most of the time docked and 2 external monitors are connected to the docking station. In my normal use, I keep the two external displays ‘on’ and the laptop display ‘off’ while running hyprland.

When I power on the laptop in docked mode, it goes from GRUB to the initramfs and I can see those displayed in my default external monitor (set through the laptop bios). However, as soon as NixOS boots in any tty, the default external display goes blank.

I have to undock the laptop to see the tty appearing on the laptop screen. Thus, it seems I can only see the tty on the laptop screen while I would like to access the tty in the external monitor when the laptop is docked or in the laptop display when only the laptop alone is used.

Do you know how to solve this issue?