EXWM multimonitor


Is anyone here using EXWM with an external monitor ? I would like to connect an external monitor and mirror my laptop screen on the monitor. However, I am confused how to do it. I set EXWM as my window manager in my configuration.nix file. However I am not sure where to put the xrandr settings ? Can I just put them in my emacs init file ? Or is there a way to pt them in the configuration.nix file ?


EXWM is not prescriptive about how you manage multi-monitor setups. It boils down to a few variables like exwm-randr-workspace-monitor-plist in your Emacs instance which describes the mapping between workspaces and monitors.

FWIW, my configuration for this is available here. That’s for a solo-layout on a laptop, and two different external screens with different characteristics.

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