Failed getting sysdig proper installed

Hi, I installed package sysdig in several ways but the kernel module is still not able to be loaded.

(ins)[root@nixos:~]# sysdig-probe-loader 
* Unloading sysdig-probe, if present
* Running dkms install for sysdig
/root/.nix-profile/bin/sysdig-probe-loader: line 96: dkms: command not found
* Running dkms build failed, couldn't find /var/lib/dkms/sysdig/0.24.2/build/make.log
* Trying to load a system sysdig-probe, if present
* Trying to find precompiled sysdig-probe for 4.19.42
Found kernel config at /proc/config.gz
* Trying to download precompiled module from
Download failed, consider compiling your own sysdig-probe and loading it or getting in touch with the sysdig community

How can I continue to solve this problem?

And how I am able to install this dkms tool? I cannot find a package.


I have it, I needed to set the variable

programs.sysdig.enable = true;

(I’m still a noob. Some nixos ‘standard’ operations do not immediately come to my mind.)

Kind regards.