Failed to build graphviz from nix-pill 12


when trying to build graphviz with png support as described in nix-pill 12, graphviz builds but does not have png support.

When I enter nix-shell graphviz.nix and then echo $buildInputs, I get:
/nix/store/pi1q95ypfbmx9f3z8238xbrjfnz2vd5i-gd-2.2.5-bin /nix/store/j82hi7yfkga426bnwyg16cciy3q63n4a-fontconfig-2.12.6-bin /nix/store/qckf6zbxv6cgw1x4n5ar0p7zpklhavh2-libjpeg-turbo-2.0.1-bin /nix/store/zj2x5yf4frq8pchq5il7zd5dz959d3fc-bzip2-

So it looks like the packages in buildinputs have outPaths with a -bin suffix. Those paths only contain a bin folder, no lib or include. Who has an idea why it worked for the author of Nix Pills but not on my system?

You shouldn’t use that autotools.nix instead of standard stdenv. There’s really lots of magic done in stdenv, like multiple-output handling, and the magic has grown immensely since pills were written. It’s perhaps nice from pedagogical point of view to write something simple yourself, but…

I think this opens the question whether we should keep the pills updated and, if so, how.

Maybe adding a banner that a particular section is outdated and it’s there for learning purposes only or maybe we can update the example to keep the same complexity level

BTW, this looks like

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