[Feedback wanted] Publish hydra job names alongside with channel?

For improving nix-index, I would like to get rid of the britle “evaluate nixpkgs locally and hope the hashes are in the binary cache” phase. I want to store attribute names for indexed packages though. I have a PR for hydra to provide this information: feat: add /eval/<id>/builds endpoint by bennofs · Pull Request #529 · NixOS/hydra · GitHub (with the hydra job names, it is possible to map the hash back to the attribute path that evaluated to the derivation for this hash) but there has been little activity on it. How can I help to make this happen? Should I approach this in another way? I will try to implement whatever solution we come up with but I need some consensus first on a solution to make it worth the effort.


So this is a mapping from derivation back to a nixpkgs commit?

That as well, but in my vision it would be even more precise: back to the attribute path inside nixpkgs at a particular git revision.