Fetchzip fire without extension

Hi there. I have used fetchzip with a bunch of different files. I’ll currently trying to do so with a file that is a tar.gz, but they have it hosted without an extension.

Because of this fetchzip doesn’t one how to deal with the file.

Does anyone have some sample code for TOS scenario?

Thank you.

If the web server does not mind, you can add the extension as a dummy GET parameter:

Unfortunately, it returns a 404 when I add that.

And the “normal” install instructions would be something like:

curl -o app.tar.gz -L https://dl.domain.com/linux/amd64/latest
tar -xzf app.tar.gz
sudo mv app /usr/local/bin/

Thank you.

The URL in the derivation already had a query string. In your case you will likely need a question mark rather than ampersand.

url = "https://dl.kubitect.io/linux/amd64/latest?=.tar.gz"; was the winner. :slight_smile:

Thank you!