fhsUserEnv based application specified in configuration.nix?

Linked below is a fhsUserEnv based ArduinoIDE I use regularly.

How would it look if I were to try have this program specified in configuration.nix and accessible with the common shell? Any clues?

  mic92nur = builtins.fetchurl {
    url = "https://github.com/nix-community/nix-environments/archive/master.tar.gz";

  environment.systemPackages = [ mic92nur.ardino ];

Doesn’t work.

Tried a few things around that.

If you use nix-ld you can run unpatched binaries. I you envfs you can run unpatched shebangs. For both you would need a nix-shell so or set the environment variables (NIX_LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH) in your configuration.nix