Filetype plugin override not working in neovim

Hi again, what is the most nixi way to override the filetype plugin for neovim? I’ve tried creating the .config/nvim/ftplugin/ and putting nix.vim inside it but it doesn’t appear to take effect over the $VIMRUNTIME this exact same issue happen before here but the person who originally wrote it solve it by forking the original repo, which is not the approach i’m looking for

I usually put stuff in ~/.config/nvim/after/ftplugin/ not to override vim’s defaults.
Do you run a nixos wrapped neovim or the home-manager version that will search your ~/.config ? check if your neovim is wrapped ( head $(which nvim) ) and if it references a specific config file (bin/nvim -u ...) in which case it will ignore your ~/.config/nvim.

I’m using the home-manager version