Finding most depended upon packages that fail to build in Hydra

It’s nice to be able to browse packages and see the delta for commits on Hydra Hydra - Jobset nixpkgs:nixpkgs-20.09-darwin . It’s pretty clear that occasionally a package will get fixed which will cause dozens of other packages to build as well, for instance (98 packages now build). Is it possible to see which failing packages are the most “depended upon”, so that fixing it would likely casade to other packages?

The report generated by might help you with that. Here’s the output I ran recently

I hope to make that run continuously and be available at some webpage.


Thanks for that! Is it possible to get that data in another form (e.g. JSON)?

@tomberek has implemented this for ZHF 21.11, see 1718945, “Problematic dependencies.”

Funny you say “@tomberek has implemented this” :). It’s the tool @ryantm linked previously that’s used to produce those reports! (Unless “this” is about automatically running it.)


Ah! My apologies. Credits to you of course :slight_smile: