Firecracker or Kata on NixOS


Are folks doing interesting things with Firecracker or Kata and NixOS? Surely someone out there is running a kata k8s cluster? Maybe someone is running Nix-powered Firecracker images, or are mounting /nix/store and using super-slim or empty firecracker images?

Anyone want to share configs or ideas?

What I’d want is a join of Toolbox and Firecracker.

I think @mic92 is working on something like that, but I can’t find it in the list of repos.

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You can do that either with cntr using the containerd api: GitHub - Mic92/cntr: A container debugging tool based on FUSE
Or you need to wait until GitHub - Mic92/kvm-pirate: Attach to kvm-based VMs is functional

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Soonish I want to fix the firecracker build so that we can build it from source.

I’ve played around with setting up containerd + firecracker. But I don’t have a slick system for it yet. Here’s what I got so far: GitHub - MarcoPolo/firecracker-containerd-nix

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