Firefox container tab feature

I wanted to turn on the firefox container tab feature, but strangely the setting wasn’t where this guide says it should have been:

In my desperation I’ve tried logging in to my Firefox sync account (which I didn’t wanted to do) and strangely enough now the feature is active and works.

Sounds like a cool feature.

I looked it up and found this Firefox article linking to this extension:

That worked for me without logging in and the enable checkbox now exists in the settings. Did you install the extension?

you do NOT need a firefox account for multi-account containers to work, you just need the extension

ah, thanks for the replies, wasn’t aware that it was an extension that needs installing.

The feature is part of Firefox, but this extension (and another, Temporary Containers) use it and provide the UI.

Logging in to your account probably installed the extension via sync of extensions used elsewhere.