Firefox Crashes After Switching to AMD Graphics

I recently replaced my nvidia 3080 with an amd 7900xt.

After switching over when I try to start Firefox it crashes immediately:

❯ firefox
fish: Job 1, 'firefox' terminated by signal SIGBUS (Misaligned address error)

Here is the diff for my config where I changed to driver.

Is there anyway I can pull logs or figure out what is going in more detail here? Thanks!

In case anyone stumble on this in the future: I was not able to find the underlying cause however switching from the unstable channel to 23.11 resolved this problem in addition to:

  • electron apps also failed with the same error
  • games could not be launched due to a vulkin error.

I’d guess that this was caused by the various graphics caches. Perhaps they just lapsed after the update, e.g. because everything had new shaders post update or something?