Firefox: Mouse-hover-menus broken?

Many websites use menus, which open on mouse-hover. Unfortunately, these broke here with one of the last Firefox- or NixOS-Updates: The menu still opens on hover, but clicking on a menu-item only closes the menu, but does not activate the link.

Additionally, the mouse-pointer does no more change to the “hand” over a link, but always is the “pointer”; maybe this is related?

I don’t know if this is a bug in Firefox or in NixOS, or a problem between Firefox and Xorg in NixOS.


  • Does anyone experience the same problem?
  • Is there any solution/workaround?


  • Firefox Dropdown-Bug Example
  • mouse over “menu”, click on “A” (or “B” or “C”)
    Here, a click only closes the menu. :frowning:
    The right behaviour would be to activate the link and load a.html/b.html/c.html.

A few weeks ago, I had a similar problem while trying to browse GnuPG’s Web site. The only difference was that the mouse pointer did indeed change into a hand. I just tried again today, and I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem.