Firewire audio not working

After some agony, I have a working audio system featuring a Scarlett 2i2 device. But I have not had success integrating a firewire audio interface using FFADO. Simply installing FFADO does not make it available to Pulseaudio.

As a note, this device is demonstrably supported (RME FW800) and I’ve used it in Arch.

Has anyone successfully done this in Nix?

PulseAudio does not seem to depend on FFADO. It looks like it might use it through JACK. But JACK support is not enabled in PulseAudio by default on NixOS. You would need to enable it through:

hardware.pulseaudio.package = pkgs.pulseaudioFull;
services.jack.jackd.enable = true;

Do not have any such hardware so cannot verify if this is enough.

Thanks for the response. services.jack[…] kicks up a “does not exist” error, and a search of shows no such service is available.

Hmm, apparently it was added in jack module: init · Pull Request #57712 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub so release-19.03 branch will not have it. You can try switching to nixos-unstable, trying to import the module from there ([add nixos-unstable channel] and then add <nixos-unstable/nixos/modules/services/audio/jack.nix> to imports list in your configuration.nix), or wait for 19.09 to be released.

Ok, I can’t seem to crack it right now so as you suggest maybe I’ll try again with 19.09