First time with Nixos, have some problem patching binary

I’m new to Nixos and I have a little problem.
With my old distro, I used to play eve-online, a game, using the Linux client.
With nixos, I understood that before use the binary, I need to patch it.
I read some guide about this but I in this specific case I can’t find an example to help me to patch the binary, this because the game is shipped with his libraries.
Does someone have any example of packages derivation similar to my case?

The package with which I have problems:

You could try grepping “patchelf” in nixpkgs to see derivations packaged by patching binaries. And I also recommend you to try using steam-run to run the game.

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Now works!

For anyone with the same problem i put in my configuration.nix:

enviroment.systemPackages =[
(steam.override { extraPkgs = pkgs: [ openldap ]; nativeOnly = true;}).run 
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