fishPlugins.grc shows error regarding cat

I am running unstable. When adding fishPlugins.grc grc to environment.systemPackages = with pkgs; in configuration.nix, it is built without errors but thereafter fish prints the following error:

cat: /nix/store/0h15632pfniwzxl984g2cf8g8vnn72vy-fishplugin-grc-unstable-2022-05-24/share/fish/vendor_conf.d/executables: No such file or directory

Is this a problem with my configuration or a problem with the package, so that i have to wait for an update?

That particular plugin seems to be part of oh-my-fish. Knowing how oh-my-zsh works, maybe you need both of those to be installed for this to work?

That’s a good idea. I did that but unfortunaetly the error persists.