Fixing a Hydra build of a GNU project

I’m the maintainer of GNU Zile, and I’d like to fix the Hydra build (which is a great resource, thanks, NixOS community!) I posted an issue a month ago and have had no reply:

I tried the IRC channel and @energizer directed me here.

I don’t know much about Hydra, so I could be way off base, but from what I can tell Zile is built and cached, when I do nix-shell -p zile I get 2.4.14.

Looks like Zile is taken from the tar.gz downloads on the GNU mirror, no particular branch is specified. Checking the mirror, the latest available is So maybe what you are looking for is a version bump?

Went ahead and gave the version bump a shot, it does look like Vala is a new dependency, so that indeed may be what you want. Opened a PR.

Thanks very much for your help! My understanding was that Zile was built on Hydra from the branch branch-2.4, which has been inactive for a few years:

and I want it instead to be built from master:

(this branch used to be used, as you can see), although building vala too would be nice, while it is still in beta.

I see, yeah I don’t know how the GNU jobset relates to the actual package. Hopefully someone is able to assist there.

Thanks; is there anyone I can ask, or any forum I can go to other than here, GitHub and IRC?

I’m not directly knowledgeable here, but I asked around a bit for you today.

It sounds like what you needed was either the owner of the jobset (listed as ludo on the jobset; I guess from a search that this is Ludovic Courtès <>) or a hydra admin. As of a moment ago, an admin has re-enabled zile-master for you and a new eval has already succeeded.

Thanks a million for your help! Ludo was in touch a while ago but was unable to help, but Eelco Dolstra has stepped in to get things going again for me.